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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  November 21, 2015 11:05am-11:16am EST

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at the campaign of george walker bush. america," theel last minutes of john f. .ennedy's trip to texas then, we're backstage with the american history guys. they discussed the film, "the birth of a nation" and its significance. american history tv, all we can, every weekend, on c-span 3. >> all weekend, american history tv is featuring syracuse, the matilda gage, one of the nation's early feminist. in the became involved national women's rights convention, the c-span staff
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recently visited sites about syracuse's history. ♪> what an exciting thing going on. to me, it would start not only with the cross, of course, the game we are playing here, and it has a whole history of itself. it has always been part of our history, part of our .ntertainment our enjoyment, and are medicine, to help our people. >> the women are very important.
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be on her the women in this event. ♪ >> with all the things that happened with the loss of land, the forced removal of our people, diseases, wars, we have really been diminished as a people with our lands, coulter, haveages, and are ways been attacked, not only physically, but through policies. for us to be hosting all the anntries today is quite accomplishment, to say the least. my position is one of the traditional leadership of the
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shoshone. the women choose the leaders. they are the grandmothers and they give out names for all the children. the mothers. they have a big responsibility, women, children, bringing them up. in that way, we give the duty to the women to choose the leaders, , and when they grow up, what qualities they have. it is up to them to choose the leaders of their clan. our history, and how we came born against each
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other. she is a message from the creator, and a certain man was to bring the message. he brought this message of peace to our people. as he was spreading the word, and as the nation develops, they said, when they brought all the nations together, which was the , and geographically, starting from the east to the the seneca.hawks to one of the first agreements was that they would not fight each other anymore. this union would develop a message of peace with it would not fight each other. meaning of planting
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a tree of peace, we will have this tree of peace, and it will be a great pine, and on top of the pine, there would be an eagle. it would watch over for dangerous. if there were any dangers, it would warn us. down to the tree itself, and the roots, there would be before -- these for white roots that anyone could follow. that was established. then, he said, now, as we come bury our now, we must weapons. we will uproot this street, and put all of our weapons of war against each other, and throw hole, and this w
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underground current will take our weapons. that was one of the initial acceptance of those, of the nations coming together, that they would not fight each other. when they set up the government , he of it, the structure they are part of the elder brothers. the other elder brothers would be the mohawk and the seneca. , anou look at the language offshoot of the mohawks. an offshoot ofof those nations. they call them the younger
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brothers. they would have an equal voice. thestructure was, you have .nondaga sitting in the middle over here would be the mohawk and the seneca. oneida.e would be the later, when others joined the confederacy, they were put along with the younger brothers. you have the structure, and we had a lot of influence on how the u.s. government was formed. if you look at it, you have the called the fire keepers. they would suggest that agenda. over here would be the mohawks. they would go back and forth and debate, go back and forth. agreed, they went back
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, andorth, back and forth would say, we have come of one mind on the issue. it kind of all started when we decided to file our land rights action in the courts. other issue inle itself. we made these treaties, and were told, ok, the u.s. will protect your lands. the state did not seem to recognize that. we lost our lands. ♪ we still have the language, we have a culture, are ways, we are still a people, and the nation.
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>> throughout the weekend, american history tv is featuring syracuse, new york. our staff recently traveled there to learn about its rich history. learn about syracuse, and other .tops on our tour you're watching american history tv. all weekend, every weekend on c-span 3. did i feel prepared? yes, i really did. first of all, i was not elected, so did not make that much difference. i did notice the difference between the vice president's wife and the president's wife is huge because the vice president's wife can say anything, no one cared. the minute you say one thing as a presence wife, you made the
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news. that was a lesson i had to learn. bush'srge h w presidency, barbara bush made her way into the history books the second first lady after abigail adams to be both the wife and mother of a president. barbara bush on "first lady's: influence an image." from martha washington to michelle obama. on american history tv, on c-span 3. each week, american history tv's american artifacts visits museums and historic places. next, we visit the


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